Medical Equipment

We are exporting medical equipment, such as electrocardiograph machines, ultrasonographs, beds for medical use, and sterilizers, to Russia and the CIS countries.

As of 2011, the average life expectancy in Russia was 63 years for males and 75 years for females (versus 79 years for males and 86 years for females in Japan). As is evident from these figures, the level of medical services is still far from satisfactory in Russia and the CIS countries. In order to overcome the current situation, the Russian government has stated its commitment to develop a program to ensure the development of medical services through 2020 and to put in an unprecedented level of efforts towards the development of Russia’s medical industry as a whole, such as improving the quality of preventive medicine and rehabilitation care services, as well as the quality of healthcare education, raising the incomes of medical personnel, and encouraging the local production of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.

In recent years, in partnership with the Smolensk State Medical Academy and the National Cardiology Research Center, we have been conducting joint research with a primary focus on the prevention of cardiac diseases, such as arterial sclerosis, which are the leading cause of death in Russia. Going forward, we intend to increase our involvement especially in the field of preventive healthcare services.

Sewing Machines

We sell sewing machines “Jaguar”, “Baby Lock” and “Kansai Special” in Russia and the CIS countries.

There is still room for mass home electronics retailers to open new stores in Russia and the CIS countries. Sewing machines are still much in demand as a daily necessity there with the sewing machine market yet to begin to shrink.

With the sewing machine industry releasing a constant flow of new products in Japan, we would like to continue to constantly introduce high quality, high performance, and highly reliable sewing machines into Russia and the CIS countries.

In addition to offering a product line that meets the varying needs of local consumers, we have been making strenuous efforts to create new demands for sewing machines in the field of “Hobbies and Interests.” The people of Russia and the CIS countries have gone through the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the rebirth of new independent states, and through our business activities, we would like to contribute to making their lives become more creative and prosperous.

Outdoor Sports and Leisure Products

Russia, which is endowed with natural environments, has a vast area of land and rich water resources. In recent years, water sports have become increasingly popular there. Since 2003, we have been exporting a variety of outdoor sports and leisure products to Russia, with focus on water sports products. Our main outdoor sports and leisure products include boats, outboard engines, fishing gear, fish sonar, and marine radar.

Boats and Outboard Engines

We offer new 20 foot or larger boats, as well as outboard engines, both with the NS Marine brand name.

Fishing Gears

We offer Bassday brand lures, as well as Jackson brand fishing rods and lures.

Fish Sonars

We offer Hondex brand (Honda Electronics’ brand) portable fish sonars called Echo Sounders and ice fishing sonar systems.

Marine Radars

We offer Japan Radio Co., Ltd.’s JRC brand marine radars for small crafts.