Nisso Boeki Co., Ltd., (“Nisso Boeki”) began in Sapporo, Hokkaido, in February 1973 as a trading company that was established under the framework of The Japan-Soviet Trade Association of Hokkaido. Although Hokkaido is geographically located adjacent to the former Soviet Union, it hardly had any connections and interactions with the neighboring country in those days. With strong support from industries in Hokkaido, The Japan-Soviet Trade Association of Hokkaido was established in July 1972 based on the fundamental principles of “Build and Promote Friendship and Good” Neighborly Relations Between the Peoples of Japan and the Soviet Union. Under this framework, Nisso Boeki was established with the management philosophy of “Friendship and Trade” between Russia and Japan. This was the starting point of our company.

Immediately thereafter, Nisso Boeki obtained approval to open a resident representative office in Moscow and started expanding business in the former Soviet Union by entering into a variety of export and import transactions with the state-owned trade corporations there. During the period of a drastic transition from the former Soviet Union to a new Russia, Nisso Boeki actively developed and invested in local joint ventures in various fields and achieved a unique status among its Japanese peers as a Japanese company engaged in business activities deeply rooted in local communities in Russia.

Meanwhile, at the end of 1991, trade between the two countries suffered greatly due to an unprecedented crisis: the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since then, it took a number of years for the new Russia to become politically and economically stable. Staying true to the philosophy by which it was founded, Nisso Boeki continued business as a trading company specialized in trade with Russia consistently through all those turbulent years.

After more than ten years from the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the new Nisso Boeki was established in the spring of 2002 through the succession of the former Nisso Boeki’s business and trade rights.

Currently, Nisso Boeki has local business offices in Moscow, the Russian Far East, and Siberia and is actively involved in the management of a variety of local companies and joint venture companies in Russia. Through its business activities in Russia, Nisso Boeki is making a contribution to the development and further promotion of Japan-Russia economic relationships with the Company’s founding spirit of “Friendship and Trade” as the guiding principles of its business activities.